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16 Priceless Tips For Starting Your Business From Home!

For everyone who’s thinking of starting your business from home, there are thousands of people who have already done it. It can be a daunting and isolating experience for some, but liberating and exhilarating for others. Every person’s experience will be different, but here are just a few of my tips for you to consider that will hopefully help to make sure your experience of setting up as a new entrepreneur is the best it can be.

Don’t be put off by lack of experience or your age. Everyone who has ever set up a business has felt daunted by the process and been filled with doubt. If you want to succeed at something, then put the effort into it and you will. Do some background reading, sign up for evening classes. If you want it, then find a way to get it!

Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want from your business, for example, is your goal financially motivated, or is it because you have an idea you’re passionate about promoting?

Research the market and competition. Even if you’re only planning on a small venture such as trading on eBay, if you don’t have knowledge of the market then you can’t compete and you’re not even giving yourself a chance to make a success of starting your business from home

Take your business seriously, even though at first it may not seem as serious to other

Keep a to-do list! Make sure you’re keeping on top of all the administration, whether it is business or family. At the end of the day if you’ve done all you need to you know you can relax and enjoy yourself – guilt free.

Start small, let the business grow as and when you can take on more. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

How flexible is your business? Do you need to plan for cover if your children are ill, or if you’re going on vacation?

Even if you’re working from home, try and separate the two as much as possible, let your children know when you can play and when you need to work and stick to it so there’s no disappointment.

Remember that you’re starting your business from home in order to get your work-life balance right. If it’s not working out how you want it to, then change it! You’re the boss.

Diversify or change if you are under pressure. Don’t give up! After all, you wouldn’t give up on your family!

Seek out the right help for you – whether it’s child care on afternoon per week, or a business support group online. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Get inspiration from other Entrepreneurs! There’s no need to try and re-invent the wheel. Speak to other people who are already self employed and find out how they cope with working for themselves. Even if their businesses are different from yours, there may still be things that you can learn, for example how do they balance work and family life? Do any of them work from home? What can you learn from them?

Stuck for ideas for starting your business from home? Consider buying a franchise if you have the funds. The business model is already there, and there’s likely to be regular training and support available through the company.

Look into direct selling. The internet has a wealth of opportunities available, so knocking on doors and selling to family and friends doesn’t’ have to be part of the plan unless you want it to be.

Network, especially if you’re isolated at home. Business networking, social networking, online, in person, it all helps you spread your business to a wider group of people, provides you with an additional group of people as a support structure and gives you valuable contacts who may be able to help you take you business to the next level.

Work around your challenges. Learn to recognise your own strengths and weaknesses. We can’t all be good at everything so there’s no shame in admitting when you need help.

If you’re good at something, see if you can help other people. You may even be able to charge for it so you can earn a bit extra while doing something that comes easily to you.

You’ll find that if you ask for help, you will generally find it. There is a huge community of online entrepreneurs across a whole range of business types, so if you are starting your business from home be positive, get out there and take action every day.